AoA MP4 Patch

AoA MP4 Patch 2.5

Freeware video playback error removal patch

Use this freeware patching solution to quickly and safely remove the common "Error 2002" issue without reinstalling video drivers for MP4 video playback. Supports iTunes and Quicktime Player. This assistant was developed specifically for Windows Vista.

AoA MP4 Patch - A FREE and EASY solution to fix the "Error 2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie" problem with MP4 video in iTunes / Quicktime on Vista.
Have you ever been going mad having problems importing video files into iTunes? You try to import a video file into iTunes, nothing happens. If you try to open this "bad file" in Quicktime, you get a "Error - 2002: a bad public movie atom" message in a popup box.
AoA MP4 Patch is a handy free software to help you fix the problem.
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